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SINCLAIR MANAGEMENT is located in New York City's West Village. It has operated from the same office since its establishment by Judith Lesley in 1986.

Judith and her associate, Michele Sternberger, have a special relationship with each actor they represent; the company's client list is kept diminutive to assure this individual connection. Judith is sure to understand every actor’s personal and career desires and needs, and discusses the ramifications of any decisions that might need to be made. She takes a great deal of time to choose a client's headshots and "look," and also coaches clients prior to major auditions. As self-taped auditions have become more prevalent, she also puts actors on tape in her studio. It is a very personal and unique relationship, one that differs greatly from that of an actor and an agent, and can only be accomplished in the confines of an office with relatively few clients.

SINCLAIR MANAGMENT arranges interviews and auditions with agents and casting directors. The company works with the best the industry has to offer, both in New York and Los Angeles. Abrams Artists Agency, Paradigm, CESD, Innovative Artists, Don Buchwald & Associates, SMS, BRS/Gage, and The Mine are just some of the agents they work with. Among the many casting directors are Telsey & Co., Tara Rubin Casting, Binder Casting, Tucker/Meyerson, Ellen Lewis, Judy Henderson, Jen Rudin, Barden/Schnee, Jen Euston, Bowling/Miscia, Julie Schubert and Beth Melsky. Also all the casters at the major networks and studios like ABC (Marci Phillips, Janet Murphy), NBC (Jen McNamara, Trey Lawson), FOX (Clint Alexander), CBS (Amy Herzig, Katharina Eggmann), WB (Meg Simon, Findley Davidson)…and tons more in both NY and LA!